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Who we are

We the Eucalyptusiasts, are a God and family-centered sales organization of financial solution providers. We have organized and structured systems. We value education and continuous learning. We have an MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) culture.

God and Family

Our actions are centered around God and Family. We firmly believe in a cycle of blessings that is bestowed by God for the well-being of families. Having such beliefs gives us a purpose to continue striving for excellence.

Organized & Structured

Having all our affairs in order made us the biggest NBO in the country. Our vision of growing 50 branches and beyond will be the testament to our dedication.

Solution Provider

Financial literacy is what we offer to our clients to make sure that they are prepared for whatever future challenges may lie ahead. Embracing technology is another factor why our solutions are superior compared to others.


Continuous learning is in our veins. We understand that education is an integral part of improvement and in order to become the best we must be students.

Core Values


This is one of our closely guarded traits. We develop and maintain our close ties with our clients by having strong moral principles.

Core 3


Quality service is one of the things that sets us apart. “Service to others is the very definition of our existence.”, This is our mantra.

Core 2


At the center of it all, excellence is what drives us. It lubricates the machinery that finds the solutions for our client’s financial needs. Surpassing the standard is what makes us the best of the best. This is our legacy.

Core 4


Consistent and competent with high level of work ethic. Much of our branch’s success comes from being excellent and reliable in what we do. This is our character.

Core 1


The value of accountability is what makes our clients at ease with us. Years of practicing accountability has resulted in solidified trust within the team as well.

Our Branch Manager

BM Maritz Abellera

Eucalyptus NBO

She is the strong matriarch of 14 branches under Eucalyptus NBO. Her long-term goal is to reach 50 branches and beyond. “Manang Maritz” graduated from UP Diliman as an achiever, a devout Catholic, and a family woman. A president and Global Leadership and Management Professional (GLMP) of General Agents and Manager’s Association (GAMA), and a Certified Wealth Planner.

Meet Our Growing Team of Achievers

Million Dollar Round Table Awardees

MDRT Abellera
MDRT Abellera

Macaulay Club Members

Senior VP Abellera
Senior VP Cruz
VP Lim
Macaulay BM Abellera


SM Pat Abellera

I officially joined Sun Life last August 25, 2005 after retiring from corporate life developing and managing shopping centers like Ayala Center, Harrison Plaza and Robinsons Galleria Malls for 25 years. Transitioning from an Executive role to becoming a Financial Advisor was very difficult at first but a paradigm shift changed all that. As a Licensed Agent, you get to own a lucrative business or franchise where you are the boss and without infusing a capital outlay except time, effort and discipline.

The income opportunities and personal growth are limitless. You live the brighter life of enjoying free travel around the world, monthly awards and recognition, a generous retirement and health coverage, free company premium items, software support, world-class training and the flexibility of working anywhere and anytime in the Philippines. Any prospective recruit should grab this once in a lifetime opportunity of living brightly.


Before working full time at Sun Life, I’m a registered Medical Technologist by profession and a Business Owner of a money remittance center.

Both career paths might come unlikely yet these crossroads have been instrumental in my 9-year career journey with the leading Insurance company in the Philippines. I’m truly blessed and deeply humbled by these notable career milestones in my Sun Life journey which includes: 5-time GAMA International Leadership Awardee, 4-time LIMRA International Awardee, and 2-time Macaulay Awardee and FME Awardee.

What I love about being a Financial Advisor is being able to help clients work toward their financial independence, being constantly provided with valuable training and development and having a supportive team in achieving our deliverables. My advice to upcoming recruits is to focus on giving the best client experience and business will grow exponentially.


At mid-age, what inspires one to leave the fulltime managerial career he has built for years to opt for new directions that seem out of the box?

I am Michael Joseph Paderon, a former Regional Sales and Operations Manager of a leading motor company in the Philippines. Despite the managerial position I’ve had, I made a brave decision to embrace a new career as a Financial Advisor with Sun Life Philippines in 2013. Since then, there are only brighter days under the sun.

In a span of four months, I became a Macaulay Awardee — an award fit for for the best and brightest advisors of Sun Life; and eventually, 2013 Rookie of the Year for Eucalyptus Branch. Adding to that the LIMRA IQA International Quality Award.

In no time, I became a Unit Manager and a recipient of the Field Manager Excellence Award — Triple A Basic, a consistent GAMA Awardee and Unit Medallion awardee. For me, excellence mirrors an unquestionable commitment and service to my clients and my team.


It was in 2012 when I met BM Maritz, I was in the corporate world as a Regional Manager for a pre-need company. She showed me the career in Sun Life but I was not interested at that time since work kept me busy. It was in 2014 when I wanted a career change, I was so exhausted physically and mentally.

I then contacted BM Maritz about the career, I can not forget what I asked her “Where am I heading here? What is my direction?” Immediately she showed me the career ladder. It was then that I felt that feeling: “ This is it!” I resigned and I started my career in Sun Life. I was coded as an advisor on July 1, 2014 and at the same time promoted as an External Manager Candidate, a process that seem impossible in Sun Life but BM Maritz was able to pull off , believing in my abilities.

This is the only career that can make you a Millionaire in the shortest possible time through hard work. I encourage you to join us in the most rewarding and fulfilling career as a Financial Advisor. With my 10 productive and hardworking advisors, we aim to be a Sales Team by 2022 through God’s help. Indeed there is life under the Sun.

Rolinda LIM

I used to work as Global Purchasing Director in one of the fastest and biggest Multinational American Solar companies in the country with Global support. I worked in the corporate world for 33 years with no knowledge in Sales. But everything can be learned. When I started in 2017, I got the highest award ever, being one of the Top Rookies all over Territory 1 within my first and second quarter. In the following quarters I was awarded as Platinum qualifier which made me a Vice President of one of the highest awards in Sun Life, the VP Macaulay Club.

I also got my Million Dollar Round Table membership for two consecutive years. I am a consistent Medallion awardee and Macaulay Club member from the start until this time. I became a Manager Candidate one month after my license as Financial Advisor was released, and I became Unit Manager after four months. In 2019, I was awarded as Top in Group Life Sales in the whole Sun Life and Top Unit in our Branch.

What I love about being a Financial Advisor is working anywhere and anytime. There are no worries on vacation leave should you be out of town or out of the country. You have more time bonding with your friends and families while you work as a Sun Life Advisor.

“To live by my faith and to glorify God in everything I do. To be a vehicle in bringing out the best in people and a beacon of God’s excellence.”

– BM Maritz Abellera

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